Tenerife Isola of Spain, the greatest of the islands Canarie, situated in the Atlantic ocean offshore the coast nord-west of Africa, northwestern of head Bojador. Correspondent to the ancient Pintuaria, the island belongs to the Spanish province of Saint Cruz de Tenerife today. It has a surface of 2.174 km²s and a mountainous territory, almost entirely occupied by the volcano Pico de Teide, that reaches the 3.718 ms and it is the maximum elevation of the arcipelago. Non they exist rivers but the few courses of water they are in low water almost always In the northeastern part of the island it is situated Pinar de the Esperanza, a beautiful forest of pines and eucalyptuses. The ground is fertile and the agriculture, together with the tourism, it is one of the principal economic activities; tomatoes are produced, bananas, vegetables, almonds and starts the culture of the grape as which it serves him a good wine. Holy Cruz de Tenerife, chief town of the province, is the greatest city and the I bring principal. The population amounts to 876000 inhabitants. In June 1936 Francisco Franco and other officers were met to Tenerife to plan the nationalistic rebellion that was to the origin of the Spanish civil war


To walk in the national Park of the Teide is impressive and it arouses great emotions, you/he/she can be climbed on to the top thanks to a special permission., the lovers of the mountain are able pass the night to the shelter previous reserve.


In the plaza of the church there are some statues that represent the guancis and their particularity it is that they have the back it turns to the sea thing unusual in all the civilizations.
In the cathedral a statue of the black virgin exists also